Concepts in India

Fashion TV has been the mother of ideation for numerous ventures in the Fashion Media industry over the last two decades. It is about time we turned this coalmine into a goldmine with our very own “Fashion TV Concepts” department. New business ideas that have not been capitalized on will be nurtured and planted with the FTV shadow over it’s head. Not every idea will make the final cut as an assessment of the idea and the financial potential of it will be predicted by our executive professionals. The “Fashion TV concepts” open doors for young venture capitalists to get creative along with the World’s Largest Fashion Media Brand backing them up.

Platform For
New Businesses

Sales Marketing Assistance

At FashionTV we guide you through the entire process with organized and creative sales marketing assistance from the birth till the execution of the venture.


FTV Branding comes with a whole plethora of merchandising for all your products from Champagne bottles to Hoardings to Cutlery. We provide quality products and diverse options along with sufficient quantities for all your social and corporate events.

Public Relation Services

Fashion TV provides public relation services used to protect, enhance or build reputations with self produced communications. At FashionTV concepts, we not only consumer relations but the relationships within the companies too.